A Sky Coverd With Dust

Living sound installation (with and without performers) in a hotel room, 2011

Created to accompany the site-specific work "cover (me) and see (sea)" by Anna Schölß & Cornelia Adam at Hotel Mariandl, Munich

cover (me) and see (sea):
Bed blankets, tissue tetrapod, video projections by Anna Schölß
Dance interventions by Cornelia Adam

A Sky Coverd With Dust:
Two installed classical musicians, non-linear music score, microphones, electronic sound processing, hidden speakers dampened by bed blankets, by Marcel Zaes
Muscians: Katryn Hasler & Florine Juvet

Every fall, two floors at the Hotel Mariandl in Munich get transformed into an exhibition space. In 2011, Anna Schölß, Cornelia Adam and Marcel Zaes were invited by the cultural department of the City of Munich to design one of the rooms. When creating their installation, the artists were inspired by diverse natural phenomena on the island of Helgoland, north Germany, and intensively studied the sea and the blurred boundaries between human beings and nature. Huge, thick blankets cover the entire hotel room; the inventory is left to the imagination. The blankets and piles create a parallel existence superimposed on the hotel room.

At the same time, several video sequences are projected onto the blankets .The strongly physical performance of the dancer, treated by Anna Schölß‘ strictly rhythmic video cutting technique, creates an almost supernatural perspective on the constantly reappearing picture of the body.
Marcel Zaes‘ work, „A sky covered with dust“, is the musical component of the installation. Cut in a similarly rhythmic manner as the video, it is a dense assembly of slowly changing and scanty accordion and violin tones. The sound is further dampened due to the placement of the speakers under the blankets, overshadowing the hotel room‘s inherent soundscape.

This EP release contains on the A side the first 3 minutes and on the B side the last 3 minutes of the living installation's sound recording:

Marcel Zaes
A Sky Covered With Dust (2011)


Released by Marcel Zaes
Release date: May 1, 2012
Disc total time 06:00
Limited to a single copy; courtesy of the artist

Katryn Hasler - baritone violin
Florine Juvet - accordion
Marcel Zaes - electronics