minimal-repetitive groove with live instruments
duration: 55 mins
composed 2009-2011

Baritone Violin: Katryn Hasler
Accordion: Florine Juvet
Electronics/Composition: Marcel Zaes

Album artwork: Anna Schölß
Cover design: Andrej Marffy
Album mixdown: Peter Scherer
Album mastering: Benoît Piccand
Published on Tonus Music Records, 2011

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With his trio, composer Marcel Zaes creates a fragile sound landscape, which moves familiar things into a surprising light. The deliberate surrender of virtuosity and melody puts the focus entirely on the inner self of the sound and the rhythm that is derived from prime numbers. Subtly handcrafted electronic sounds mix inseparably with the baritone violin and accordion. THE LAST PLACE (LEFT) is at the same time machined poetry and groovy sound carpet.

'THE LAST PLACE (LEFT)' is the first oeuvre by Marcel Zaes' trio. Their second programm 'YELLOW NEON LETTERS' was released in October 2014. 'THE LAST PLACE (LEFT)' was released on CD and is available at TONUS MUSIC RECORDS or on iTunes.


For the tour 2011, the artist Anna Schölß from Munich uses these sounds as a backdrop to place her nomad-inspired tent objects labelled INTENTS in the concert room. These objects have been generated from abstract colour painting and drawing; they make the tent – the oldest human mobile form of living – the central theme as a place at which the internal and external room are divided only by a thin membrane. Short video cuts of nature and light studies, made visible on a transparent tent membrane, amplify the installation. In combination with the music, this poetic place becomes a concert stage. The sound structures amalgamate with the shapes, colours and surfaces of the tent objects and become for the audience a projection screen of their own associations.


with Anna Schölß (intent scultpure)
29 Jun 2012 - Kernel Festival Desio - Milan IT
23 Oct 2011 - Caveau Oxymore - Cully CH
22 Oct 2011 - Tonus Music Labor - Bern CH
20 Oct 2011 - Metallgarten - Worb CH
16 Oct 2011 - i-camp - München DE


with Katharina Bhend (Video)
13 Jun 2011 - Festival FIMU - Belfort FR
12 Jun 2011 - Festival FIMU - Belfort FR
3 Jun 2011 - Festival OUT NOW! - Bremen DE
16 Nov 2010 - Burgbachkeller - Zug CH
6 Nov 2010 - Festival LAB.30 - Augsburg DE
8 Okt 2010 - Caveau Cœur d’Or - Chexbres CH
25 Sep 2010 - Tonus Music Labor - Bern CH
24 Sep 2010 - Raum33 - Basel CH

photos © Paul Schadke